Famous Volcanoes

Volcanoes have erupted throughout history causing the loss of whole villages and their residents. The most famous of these volcanoes is Mount Vesuvius, which erupted in 76 A.D. burying the town of Pompeii in Italy. Volcanoes are active all over the world today. Some of them do erupt from time to time and others are …

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What are Volcanoes?

Volcanoes form when there is an opening in the Earth’s crust and have four main parts – pipe, vent, crater and cone. The vent is the actual opening and the pipe is the passage through which the molten lava pours from the Earth’s core to the surface. Volcanoes are like mountains, some of which are …

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White Island, also known as Whakaari, Volcano erupts in New Zealand

White Island in the Bay of Plenty ca. 50 km off the North Island’s east coast is one of New Zealands most active volcanoes, well known for its spectacular crater with strong hydrothermal activity and sulphur deposits. It is part of the active Taupo volcanic zone and last erupted in 2001 (phreatic explosion). For more …

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Active Volcanoes in Europe

There are currently over 60 active volcanoes located throughout Europe, and two of the world most active volcanoes are located in Italy. A volcano can be classified as active, dormant or extinct. An active volcano is one that has erupted in recent history, while a dormant volcano is one that has erupted in the past, …

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Mount Etna

Mount Etna is the tallest mountain in Europe. It casts a shadow over the city of Catania, standing over three thousand meters high on the east coast of Sicily. It covers an area of 600 square miles, and also happens to be one of the most active strato volcanoes on Earth. Mount Etna is composed …

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Mount Vesuvius

With a population of 3 million people around it, Mount Vesuvius is considered by many to be one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world. Mount Vesuvius is known for its catastrophic eruption in 79 A.D. which killed most of the inhabitants of Pompeii and buried them in a layer of ash. Excavations reveal …

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Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii

The goddess of fire, Pele, is said to enjoy the sweet and tart taste of the ohelo berries. Native Hawaiians are believed to have tossed the berries into the mouth of the 4,090-foot volcano Kilauea, home of the tempestuous deity, to placate her anger. Oral traditions and chants speak of eruptions occurring long before the …

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